Trulli Lemoredinella
The b&b Lemoredinella's trulli complex, consisting of six cones and one lamia, dates back to the mid 1800s.

The lamia is home to the b&b's inside day-zone, and it has been enlargened to build a big and luminous kitchen with a view, where every morning breakfast is prepared for the guests.

Another part of the sructure is the old barn. Today it is refuge to the b&b's owners, and after a recent restructuring it has been called "The Cherrytree House", after the field of cherrytrees it looks upon- a breathtaking view to be shared with our guests.

The three yards that surround the house are perfect for having small refreshments and private parties, and the same goes for the inside. Events are informal but refined, with excellent catering systems.

The meals, cooked with Puglia's best products, accompany the countryside-ish yet refined atmosphere perfectly. The owners see to their presentation each time, adapting to different occasions.